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Is your dancer ready to learn Lao Dancing?

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The Humboldt County Lao Dancers will be performing at the Crescent City Hmong New Years Saturday December 3, 2022 at 2pm.  They will also perform during the Holiday Craft Fair at Redwood Acres Sunday, December 4th at 2pm. Come see them perform!

Who are the Humboldt Lao Dancers?
Humboldt Lao Dancers was formed in Spring 2016 to preserve Lao dance throughout the year, instead of the usual once a year performance at Lao New Year. Volunteers and parents of dancers have donated their time and commitment to keep Humboldt Lao Dancers open to the public and year round. Our dance group strives to perform around Humboldt county and other areas of Northern California in order to promote diversity, cultural awareness, and to demonstrate the legacy and importance of Lao dance.

Update: 4/1/2021

With great devastation and heartfelt announcement we would like to celebrate our president's Auntha Oneta Sayavong's life through our continuous effort of Norcal Lao Foundation and Humboldt Lao Dancers. 

Our president, friend, and sister was an amazing woman who left behind a legacy, a beautiful girl, husband, and many loved ones who cherished her. Her fight against cancer has surprised us among a tough pandemic, but we would like to continue to advocate what she loved most- which was dance, Lao culture preservation, and charity. All efforts into charity work, such as Adopt a Family during the Holidays was led by our honorable president.

Please continue to pray for her loved one's healing and the strengthening of our organization. We will pick up the pieces soon and keep everyone posted!


A Big Thank You Alexander T. Salvos &  Timothy A. Salvos Fund for Youth, Vera P. Vietor Trust,  Humboldt Area Foundation, and all private donors and volunteers!

Sponsored and collaborated with 

Norcal Lao Foundation- a platform that supports all projects that enhance and preserve Laotian cultural awareness through arts and education.

Khop Jai  (Thank you!)


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