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How we started.

Our Story

What was once a meetup for parents and kids to practice Lao dance for the Lao New year celebration, is now an official dance class to the community, and an endeavor to continue Lao dancing throughout the year.

Humboldt Lao Dancers primarily consists of young dancers from the ages 5 to 12 years old. Most of our dancers are biracial with Laotian descent, and other ethnic backgrounds. We are proud to accept all dancers regardless of background and ethnicity.

Humboldt Lao Dancers was formed to help preserve Laotian arts and traditions- by continuing to dance we hope to create a healthy social interaction between all ethnic backgrounds in our area. We continue to promote our Lao culture to the community, it gives us the ability for others to accept and see differences among people's origins. Showcasing our dance has been a healthy way to promote inclusiveness and the growing diversity in Humboldt County.

Our Goals


  • Promote diversity in Humboldt County

  • Continue Lao dance throughout the year

  • To be inclusive with all ethnic backgrounds

  • Provide resources for parents and dancers

  • Bridge generation gaps between tradition and modernity

Support the Movement!

In order to continue Humboldt Lao Dancers successfully we rely on our volunteers, donations, and non-profit sponsorship. Please consider donating by using PayPal, or purchase a T-shirt to support our cause!

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